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Dammit Dash

You Know You Want Me~

Posted on 06.23.2018 at 04:03
Hearin' A Little: "Go-Getter Greg" ~Ludo

I pretty much add anyone, as long as you're at least somewhat active in your journal. So feel free to comment; I bite, but only if I know you very well.

Dammit Dash


Posted on 08.07.2007 at 19:42
Feelin' A Little: contentcontent
Hearin' A Little: "Sherry" ~Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
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My final project created for CSSSA/InnerSpark 2007. It's not happy.

Took me two nights of no sleep at all and two days of working on it off and on. But I think the music really makes it. My composer is an awesome guy. AND THAT IS A TAPE MEASURER, NOT INTESTINES. D: IT'S SYMBOLISM THAT EVERYTHING IS SHADES OF GREY BUT ANYTHING THAT SHE CONSIDERS IMPORTANT--food, measurements, and tears--IS RED. SYMBOLISM!!!

I'm hesitant about showing this, especially to people who know me in real life. But I talked to one of my teachers, and he said that if I start drawing for other people now ((as in drawing things I think others would like and others would find acceptable)), then I would never stop. And I realised that I wanted to tell this story. So I did. And I couldn't be happier.

And now, off to class!