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22 April 1990
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Oh. You wanted more?

My name's Kristina. I'm 18 and my goal in life is to work for Disney/Pixar as a character animator and eventually open my own 2-D animation studio. I also want to publish a comic, work at Disneyland in college, write novels, and start a band, but we're taking this one step at a time. I'm openminded and unapologetic about what I like. Yes, I love Disney. Yes, I love some bands that are "too mainstream", like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Yes, I'm both a Christian and a fun person.

I'm not really "involved" ((read as: write fic for, actively participate in)) in any fandoms, but I enjoy Chuck, House, Heroes, Criminal Minds, and Doctor Who, and I also avidly lurk in bandom. I love anything classified under musicals and plays. My favourite movies of all time are Treasure Planet and Requiem for a Dream. I'm a bit of a packrat; I collect everything from postcards to fortune cookie fortunes to little scraps of paper that I find pretty.

Um...I'm sure there's other things to put here. But I can't think of anything.